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How to fix AOL mail not working? | Email Solution

AOL Not Working?

 AOL is the recognized brand of the Internet which is built from providing dial-up services to the customers. With time it widened up and is known for catering web portals, email, instant messaging and web-browser services to the users.

AOL Questions for AOL not working. Here are the solutions as your answers.

  • Why is AOL email not working?

  • How do I reset my AOL password?

  • Fix AOL email on windows 10?

  • Why is AOL email stopped?

  • Why is AOL not receiving emails?

  • How to fix AOL mail not working?

How to Fix AOL not working on a Mobile Browser

Problems can be caused with AOL when the Browser on your phone is not working fine. AOL

can be fixed instantly once you know how to fix the cause of the problem. With AOL not

working, it lies with the Browser.

Look for every solution to make AOL work on your mobile phone if AOL email not working.

  1. Start by checking the device perfectly connecting with the internet.
  2. Keep the Browser updated. Use the latest version.
  3. Restart the Device.
  4. Close and Restart the Browser of the phone you’re using.
  5. Clear the Cache.
  6. Clear the Stored Cookies.
  7. Enable the Location Permission to be accessed.
  8. Uninstall and Reinstall the Device.
  9. Update Operating System’s of the Phone with the latest one.
  10. Use a different Web Browser.

If the problem persists then you need to contact your phone’s manufacturer for assistance in fixing the AOL issue.

In addition to this, you can have issues with receiving or viewing your AOL Mails. The issues

can be fixed instantly when you know how to troubleshoot the AOL Issue.

To fix AOL not working issue, one can always try these generalized tricks to make it work.

  1. Enter the Right Credentials
  2. Have Stable Internet Connection.
  3. Check the Server of AOL and your Browser
  4. Remove the Cache and Cookies of the Browser or the App

Why AOL not receiving emails?

 You face this issue when you can sign in and read your other emails in the AOL Account but the new emails are not received by you. You can fix this issue by:

  1. Check the Filters

A Filter set up by you can let the new mail received skip the inbox and send it to another folder or trash. Check all the folders, if you’ve received the mail in any other folder.

  1. Delivery Delays

A message is sent and received with a minute difference in the time. Mail rarely sent is delayed and stuck in the transition. This can be due to issues in the server of the mail, internet issues like heavy traffic or not proper internet, routing problems.

By waiting only you can determine that a message is delayed or undelivered. Other than this you have to ask the sender to resend it again. If you can receive the message a second time then well n’ good otherwise direct yourself to fix your AOL not working situation.

  1. Spam Folder

Many times, it happens that new mail jumps to the Spam Folder instead of going to your Inbox.

If the New Mail is in there, in your Spam Folder then you need to mark it as ‘Not Spam’ so that this doesn’t happen with you again.

  1. Sign in to AOL Mail.
  2. Go to Spam Folder
  3. Select the Mail that isn’t Spam.
  4. At the top click Not Spam.

AOL Email is not working with Outlook

Before approaching to fix AOL not working in Outlook, it is necessary to understand the reason behind it. This is because if you understand the reason it becomes easy to fix the AOL issue.

  1. AOL is not synced.
  2. The Server details are entered incorrectly.
  3. The password of AOL Email is changed
  4. No-proper Internet Connection.
  5. Outlook or AOL is out of Service
  6. Incompatible Browser
  7. Or possibly Hardware or Software issue of the device.

Fix AOL Email Stopped working in the Outlook

  1. Check the Incoming Server Details

AOL Non-Functioning Email can happen when one enters incorrect Incoming Server Details. It is advisable to check the IMAP and POP settings to correct that.

The details that need to be entered are:

For Incoming Mail (IMAP) Server

Server – export.imap.aol.com

Port – 993

Requires SSL – Yes

For Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server

Server – smtp.aol.com

Port – 465

Require SSL – Yes

Requires Authentication – Yes

Make sure you enter the right credentials while logging. Email Address should be entered with

the name@domain.com. Your password entered should be correct. And go for yes when asked

– Requires Authentication.

  1. Update your Password

If you’ve updated your password for AOL Email then you need to do the same for it while using it in Outlook. To update the password on Outlook to use AOL Email start by opening the Outlook. Go to the Settings of the Account. Choose the AOL Account to do the update.

  1. Update Email Authentication

Third-Party Emails like AOL are difficult to function when used on the older version of Outlook.

This is because the latest security settings don’t sync with the outdated version of Outlook. To

fix AOL for Outlook, you need to update the Outlook Email to the latest one. It will be best for you and you can work without any error happening.

Make sure Re-Add the AOL Email Account once you update the Outlook.

  1. Seek Third-Party AOL Help

Many paid and free third-party tools provide AOL Help when one needs to fix AOL not working with Outlook issues. Download such tools as SysTools, Kernel etc and get your problem solved.

Try to use their Free Trial first.

How to AOL Setup in Outlook

Accessing the AOL Email with Outlook is done by adding the AOL Email Account in Outlook. To do that you need to Add an Account Feature provided by Outlook.

  1. Select File in the Outlook top menu.
  2. Select Info and then click on Add Account.
  3. Enter your AOL Email Account details. Click Connect
  4. Then type your password and click Connect again.
  5. Finally, click Done.

Now you’ll be able to operate an AOL Email Account in Outlook and will be able to access your messages.

Why AOL Mail not working on iPhone

Fix your AOL Mail if you’re using it on your iPhone. Before going for the troubleshooting of your AOL mail on iPhone make sure that the server is not down and there is no internal problem with your device.

Here are the easy hacks to fix AOL not working on the iPhone.

  1. Start with AOL Mail App, restart it after fully closing it.
  2. Your App and System should be updated.
  3. Clear the Cache and Cookies of your iPhone
  4. Uninstall and Reinstall the AOL App installed in your iPhone
  5. Restart your iPhone.

How to Setup AOL Account on your iPhone or iPad

  1. Start by Settings of your iDevice.
  2. Go to Passwords & Accounts.
  3. Then a side menu will appear. Go to Add Account.
  4. Choose AOL Option demonstrated.
  5. Enter the AOL MAil and Click Next.

And your AOL Mail will be set up on iPhone or iPad.

These are issues one normally faces while dealing with AOL on different devices. If you have any other concerns regarding AOL Email, you can deal with approaching AOL Help.

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