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How to Fix Hotmail Not Working?

Hotmail not working

Your Hotmail not working? Trapped with Error, fix Hotmail Issue with us!

We bring you the latest solutions to fix Hotmail not Working Issues. You can easily fix it on your own. All you need is a reliable guide to figure out the Hotmail Issue and then with our simple tricks, your Hotmail will troubleshoot. And, you’ll be able to use your Hotmail again.

It is Okay if your Hotmail stops working. Because such issues can be fixed by the user on their own. But, What could be the possible reason that your Hotmail is Not Working!

  1. Poor Internet Connection – Ensure that you’ve proper Internet Connection to run the Mail software to send and receive the mail.
  1. Loaded with Cache – Your Web Browser might be too loaded with the Cache. Clear the Cache.
  1. Cookies in Browser – Sometimes Cookies accepted and stored cause the problem. Go in the Settings of your Web Browser and Remove the Cookies Stored.
  1. Credentials – A minor chance that you might be using the wrong credentials while using Hotmail. Recheck them.
  1. Incorrect Configuration Mail
  2. Old Version – You might be using an older version of your Web Browser. Update it with the latest one.

Hotmail emerged among the very first webmail services which were offered to the users for free to send and receive emails. In no time, it had millions of users and people still prefer to use Hotmail. Later, this was renamed Outlook.com. The old users are still allowed to use their Hotmails and the new users can create their account via using the domain hotmail.com.

Hotmail email services are instant and in no second one can connect with their friends, family and even can use them for their business purposes. The accounts are free of cost. It has become one of the world’s largest email services which were later bought by Microsoft. And that is why it was named Outlook.

Advantages of using Hotmail are:

  1. Instant Communication
  2. Free Accounts
  3. Across the Globe Usability
  4. Spam Filtering Software
  5. Create your Address Book
  6. Add in-detailed Contact Information
  7. Excessive Storage Space
  8. User-Friendly Interface
  9. Connect Hotmail Account with Microsoft Outlook
  10. Import Contacts to MSN Instant Messenger

Using Hotmail does come with advantages but it can cause a glitch which can result in your Hotmail not working. And this is going to help Hotmail you’re looking for.

Hotmail is compatible with every Web Browser you use. But, as per the feedback of the users, Chrome is the most compatible web browser that suits Hotmail. A lot of functions and features can be easily accessed when one uses their Hotmail on Google Chrome.

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Hotmail Not Working Help Number – +1 (888) 907- 7010

Hotmail not working on Windows 10 or macOS

Hotmail gives trouble when you’re trying to access it through the most popular platforms for emails like Outlook, Gmail, Outlook or Gmail Applications, Mail for Windows 10 or on your macOS. The trouble with Hotmail can be solved by Re-adding your Account once you remove it first.

  1. Do it by opening the mail app first.
  2. Click the Mail and then Accounts
  3. Select the Hotmail Account.
  4. Click the Remove button.
  5. Add Hotmail Account again. Repeat 1 and 2 steps.
  6. Click on Add Account.
  7. Go for the Outlook Option.
  8. Enter your Hotmail Account details to log in.

The same process is required to be followed for any Web Browser you’re using.

Hotmail not working on Outlook Web

It is a rare case that you need to fix a Hotmail not working issue while using it on Outlook Web. Generally, the issue is caused by the credentials you’re using to log in to your Hotmail Account.

Here you have to fix the Hotmail Issue by recovering the account.

  1. Navigate to outlook.live.com.
  2. Enter your Hotmail Details to sign in.
  3. Head to Microsoft’s Recovery Page. And from there you’ll be guided to recover your Hotmail Account.
  1. Change the password and try it again.

If the problem is still there and you’re not able to log in to your Hotmail Account, then make sure your Internet Connection is working fine.

Hotmail not working in the App?

To make the Hotmail work again on the Email Application you are using, you need to follow the trick of Removing and Re-adding the Account. This will eventually fix the existing errors and you’ll be able to use your Hotmail again.

To do that open the Outlook Application that you’re using. And simply Remove the Hotmail Account.

  1. Go to File
  2. Then Tap on Account Settings
  3. Go to Manage Profiles
  4. Email Accounts
  5. Select the Hotmail Account you’re trying to access.
  6. Click Remove.

Then, Re-Add the Hotmail Account.

  1. Click File
  2. Tap the Add Account link
  3. Add your Hotmail Address
  4. Enter the Password

And you’ll be done fixing your Hotmail Account.

Hotmail not working in Gmail?

Gmail is pretty easy to use to send mail and to keep the tap on it. And if you’re using Gmail to

access your Hotmail then you have to set your Hotmail Account again in Gmail. And here also

you need to remove and re-add the account.

  1. Navigate by going to http://mail.google.com
  2. Go to Settings and then scroll to Accounts and Import.
  3. Go for Hotmail Account in the Send Mail as List
  4. Press Delete.
  5. Then, click Add Another Email Address to Re-add the Account.

Hotmail not working or hotmail not receiving emails on your iPhone?

Follow the steps to fix your Hotmail on your iPhone.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Then to Passwords & Accounts
  3. Delete Account for your Hotmail Account
  4. Tap it.

Re-Add the Account on your iPhone by going to Settings and then Mail. Forward to Accounts and then, Add Account. Add your Hotmail Account to your iPhone again to use your Email back again.

Hotmail not working in Outlook Application on Android/ iPhone?

The Solution starts with opening the Outlook Application on your Phone.

  1. Tap the Account Icon.
  2. Touch the Gear at the bottom and you’ll be directed to Outlook Settings.
  3. Click on the Hotmail Account in the list.
  4. Scroll Down and click the Delete Account.
  5. Once the Account will be removed, Go to the Main Screen.
  6. Tap the Account icon present there.
  7. Tap the Envelope with a plus sign.
  8. In the Pop-Up, Add Account will appear.

Add the details of your account for Hotmail login if Hotmail is not working or hotmail not receiving emails to work again.

These are the step-by-step guide that you can use while you have got a Hotmail Log-in issue

and your Hotmail is not working or Hotmail is not receiving emails. If the problem still persists, contact us for Hotmail Help.

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