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Why Yahoo is Not Working on iPhone?

why yahoo is not working on iphone

Multitasking on Mails is an advantage a mail-user prefers when their work widens more than receiving and sending emails. To make it a better experience for such users Yahoo Mails are handy. But, sometimes one does face a glitch and complains “Why Yahoo is Not Working on iPhone, iPad, & Computer?”

For any issue, there are always a few potential errors causing dysfunctionality and can be easily resolved at your end through mere guidance. This means you can get Yahoo Mail to work again. And you would easily get back to work again once you fix the Yahoo issue, all by yourself.

This is the Yahoo Mail Troubleshooting Guide for the Mail Users who use their Yahoo Mail on either PC or Mac. Follow the following and you’ll be able to troubleshoot Yahoo Mail when it is not working.

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Fix Yahoo, when Yahoo Mail is not working

  1. Switch It OFF!

Start by Switching Off the Device and then Switching it on. This is a simple hack that sometimes can prove to be magical in solving any technical problem you or your device might be facing.

  1. Disable Ad Blocker

If you’ve installed any Ad Blocker then disable it. And Refresh it. This Ad Blocking Software can

cause an interruption in loading websites.

  1. Keep the System Update

When Yahoo Mail is not loading, the main cause for that can be you using the old version. Make sure your system is up-to-date. The Browser you’re using should be updated to the latest version.

  1. Compatibility

Make sure you’re using Yahoo-Compatible Browser. Most of the browsers like Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Mozilla, Firefox, Opera etc are compatible with Yahoo Mail.

  1. Clear the Cache

Clearing the Cache of the Browser helps a lot. It might also solve your Yahoo not loading issue.

This should also be done when you’re using Yahoo Mail on mobile and especially the Yahoo App. Clear the Cache of the Yahoo App.

These are the simple hack that any Yahoo Mail User can use to fix Yahoo Issue. If this doesn’t fix your Yahoo issue, make sure your internet connection is working as it should; enough to load Yahoo Mail on your system or device.

Trouble Signing in Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail not working on iPhone

Mail App issues on iOS systems are caused if the setting is not done as required. If you are facing an error of Yahoo not working on iPhone, then the root cause is generally from the side of the user. It is advisable to run your Yahoo Mail Account on a Desktop first to confirm. It should be done that if your login info works on the system, from there compose an email and send it to yourself. Check if it arrives in a reasonable time.

If you still face the issue with Yahoo Mail not functioning on iPhone then,

  • Update your Operating System

Make sure your iOS Software is the latest version. Apple updates their system regularly and in no moment when they detect any issue.

  • Re-add Yahoo Mail

Remove the Yahoo Mail from your system and then add it again. Refresh it as soon as you do it.

This dysfunctionality occurs because Yahoo and Apple update themselves all the time. The update causes corruption in the settings of the system that helps in connecting Yahoo Mail to the App. To fix the Yahoo Mail on iPhone can be easily done by Removing and Re-adding the App to your iPhone.

  • Yahoo Mail App

It is always advised to use Yahoo Mail App if your iOS Mail App causes problems. Download the Application from App Store for free and use it to continue your work.

Set up Yahoo Mail Account in the iOS Mail App

Apple Phones have pre-installed apps for email. You can use multiple Email Accounts from it. Normally it is automated. To Add a Yahoo Mail Account to the automated iOS System, start by opening the iOS Settings App.

  1. Tap Mail and then Accounts.
  2. Click on Add Accounts.
  3. Choose Yahoo by tapping on it.
  4. Follow to fill in the details.

Remove a Yahoo Mail Account

  1. Go to iOS Settings.
  2. Tap on Mail and then Accounts.
  3. Tap on your Yahoo Mail Account.
  4. Delete Account and then tap on ‘Delete from my Phone’ to confirm the request.

How to fix h Yahoo Mail stops working on Chrome?

If you’ve tried the hacks mentioned earlier and your Yahoo Mail is not working on Chrome then, try following on your Chrome Web Browser.

First, make sure JavaScript is enabled.

  1. Click on More Options in the top right corner and then go to ‘Settings’ from the drop-down menu.
  2. Go for ‘Advanced’ Settings. Choose the Content Settings available in Privacy and Security.
  3. Then click JavaScript and click ‘Allowed’.

Second, Deactivate Browser Enhancements

  1. Again go for More Options. Go to More Tools and Extensions.
  2. Click Remove appeared right after extension.
  3. Click Remove to remove the Browser Enhancement from the Chrome Browser.

Third, Reset Chrome to Default

  1. More Options and go to Settings.
  2. Go to Advanced Settings and Click on ‘Reset’.
  3. Confirm your Action.

After this check whether Yahoo Account works or not.

Yahoo Mail not receiving Mails 

Emails are not received in your Yahoo Mail, here is the fix.

Check your Account Settings.

Some settings can prevent email from getting into their right place which is Inbox. For this you need to check the following:

  1. Reply to Address – It should be blank.
  2. Blocked Address – Sender should not be there.
  3. Spam Folder – Check Spam in case you received your mail there.
  4. Email Filters – Check Folders

Still, your Yahoo Mail not receiving the mails then to figure out the Yahoo Mail Error – Do it by sending yourself an email after signing into your Yahoo Mail Account through your desktop.

  • No Error – Your Yahoo Mail Account is working perfectly as it should.
  • No Email Received – Need to Check info on Failed Delivery
  • Failed Delivery Message Received – You’ll have instructions there to fix your Yahoo Mail in the message.

If there is no issue from your side then there are chances there might be an issue on the Sender’s Side.

Yahoo Mail Setup

Setting Yahoo Mail on your desktop is easy. Here is the step-by-step guide to creating and setting your own Yahoo Mail Account.

  1. Start by Opening Yahoo Mail compatible Web Browser.
  2. Go to Yahoo.com.
  3. Click on the Sign-Up Button and fill in your details as asked.
  4. Tap the Continue Button and your Yahoo Mail Account will be created.
  5. It will ask you to Connect with the phone number. Enter the Phone Number and then the One Time Password received on the number you entered.
  1. Your number will be verified and your Account will be created.

Yahoo Mail Setup in Outlook

Doing changes on Outlook can puzzle a person. This is a simple guide for Yahoo Mail Setup in Outlook.

  1. Start by Opening Outlook on your system.
  2. Click the File Menu and go for Add Account straight.
  3. Select Manual Setup and Click Next.
  4. For Yahoo Mail Setup in Outlook, you need to select the third option POP or IMAP. And click Next.
  1. Fill out necessary details – your Name and Email Address of your Yahoo Account.
  2. Select IMAP for Account Type. And make sure your Incoming Mail Server should be imap.mail.yahoo.com and for Outgoing Server, you need to set smtp.mail.yahoo.com.
  1. Enter the Logon Information. Click on More Settings underneath.
  2. Go to the Outgoing Server Tab and Enable My Outgoing Server (SMTO) requires authentication and do the same for My Incoming Mail Server.
  1. Now Advanced Tab. Set Incoming Server to 993 with SSL encryption and Set Outgoing Server to 587 with TLS encryption.
  1. Click OK and then Next when done.
  2. Click Close to be finished and finally Finish.

And you’re done with setting your Yahoo Mail in Outlook.

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